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Sunday, 2 June 2013

It all starts here....

So it's finally time for me to start properly documenting everything I'm doing with my hair and trying to improve my general health and well-being! I've been on an official but rather unstructured healthy hair journey for the best part of 9 months (roughly sept 2012). I've been obsessively stalking blogs such as Jeni's and Lesley's and watching countless youtube videos much to my boyfriends amusement! I've accumulated a ridiculous stash of products as I am a bonafide product junkie and only just now starting to work out a regimen that works and stick to it! I am definitely still learning masses about my hair (I still haven't worked out my porosity or thickness for sure!) and just want to share with anyone who's remotely interested as I am running out of people in my day to day life that aren't bored to death by me yet! This is also my first ever blog so I will also be learning a lot about all of that side of things! 
Stock taking all the hair products I own! Ridiculous I know!

Seeing just how many products I own prompted me to get serious, take a hold of things and move forward properly - No more buying products for the forseeable future and just really taking the time to work out what my hair likes and what it doesn't. I have got some answers already and will be in posts to come, along with length checks etc but for now this is it!!! 

It all starts here!