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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June review and July goals

Another month has passed and the first month in which I set's how they went:

  • Moisturise and seal in sections each evening with finger combing to detangle only - WINNER!! - this is revolutionising my hair :)
  • Drink > 1.5 L of water a day - FAILED but definitely increased my intake purely because of setting the            goal in the first place
  • Use up at least 1 product - If sachets count then we can call this a winner lol 
  • Buy no more products! - FAILED HORRIBLY I tried, I tried so hard but alas failed miserably though some were purchases of products nearly finished and were on sale and I just can't miss a deal!
  • Steam my DCs - WINNER!! definitely sticking with this one!
  • Protective styling minimum 5 days a week - I think this was a winner though didn't keep a massive check of it but for most days that I can remember my hair was in a protective style for the majority of the day
  • Exercise 5 days a week with at least 2 trips to gym - FAILED but only because I got a bad cold that meant barely getting out of bed let alone getting to the gym!
  • Finally finish Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah and start on Chinua Achebe's There Was a Country! - WINNER with finishing Americanah (which was excellent!) but not started There Was a Country yet..that is still to come.

So onto goals for July....
  • Drink > 1.5 L of water a day
  • No product purchases!!!!!!!
  • Use up at least one product (bottle or tub)
  • Exercise 5 days a week with at least 2 trips to gym
  • 2x twist/braid outs 
  • Apply Castor oil to scalp 3 times a week
  • Try a co-wash
  • Read at least a couple pages of a book everyday
Good luck to all for the month of July!!